Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sea of Light is the video component of an immersive installation, as part of my ANU School of Art honours project. I developed a methodology for producing large-scale immersive video installations that are about everyday life and take place in the viewers perception.

This video was projected on a large screen (4x4 meters), above a pool of water on the ground, which seemingly reflected the video underneath beyond the physical restraints of the floor. I used light as both method and means in creating this work: firstly in the technological aspects of it being present by projection; and secondly in using light as an object projected on the wall.

The video shows the lights of Melbourne at night seen from within a plane. Half-way through the video, it becomes apparent that there is something odd about the video. When this is realised, it creates an ‘ah-ha!‘ moment, causing the video to be analysed closer. It’s these attributes (motion, lights, and the invitation to look closer into the everyday) that I am most fascinated with.