Sunday, 30 September 2012

Song made by myself and Leon Twardy. On an impulse, we said on Facebook that we would write a song about/for the first person who posted a comment; our friend Lachlan jumped in first, and suggested that it be about a business man lost at a bushdoof. We did just that, putting Lachlan in the role of the business man.

Everything heard is live instruments recorded live. Leon added a few post-production tweaks to it after the fact. I sang (sans the scream, which is Leon no doubt), and I played the bass line and piano bit. Leon played the drums and mixed it. A bit dodgy in bits, but it was donevery quickly. A few shakey vocal parts and overall roughness. Leon’s mix is great though, and has done wonders to it.

A really, really fun night/experiment. It’s fueled my interest in making tunes again. I was going for a Perfume Genius/Liars/B-52’s sound, but we sound more like The Presets. It’s interesting to think what kind of music I would/could make when I take this seriously, as opposed to it being an off-the-cuff idea after a few beers.