Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Things are changing

I’m in the process of writing my artist statement. This is what I have so far:

"I am a multi-disciplinary artist; particularly interested in the moving image, immersive installation, and unconventional modes of communication. My practise explores escapism achieved through contemporary interpretations of tromp l’oeil, the subjective perception of my everyday surroundings, and artistic hegemony".

I found that through writing this, I’m had an epiphany of sorts in regards to what kind of work I’m interested in making from here on end. My artist statement loosely touches on this - but I’ll expand on it after my thoughts have settled a tad more.

I found that I’m influenced by three things: Firstly, I’m influenced by escapism. This is done, generally, through building immersive installations that I can delve into, and that usually have a quality of beauty to them.

Secondly, I’m influenced by reality – by what’s actually real, and not artistic representation of reality. In response to this, I’m influenced by the ridiculousness of art itself: it’s purpose, merit, value, role as catalyst to life, role as a representation of life, and all the wonderfully disgusting artistic hegemony that goes with it. ohhhh the hegemony.

Martin Creed is a great influence on me at the moment. He openly say he makes ‘nice things’, and is a no-bullshit guy.

This is also relevant:

Although it wouldn’t matter if it was an actual pipe.

And thus concludes my tirade for today. In response to all this, I think I might make a life-sized David Broker statue out of cheese. What’s the cheapest cheese?