Monday, 21 April 2014

Bitvision Video Synthesiser - rescanning experiments

I've recently discovered video synthesisers, mainly through friends who mess around with musical version of mod synths. I've never really liked the ultra-polished and directed way of using programs like After Effects/Nuke/etc (every step in achieving a certain effect is focused and purposeful, otherwise you simply get no outcome), yet video synths seem to fulfill the contrast of the sporadic effect, without it looking too much like an awful VJ visualisation.

Because the process in affecting the signal is so raw, and void of the incredible complexity beneath the scenes of video-editing software; it has a real warmth and honesty to it, much like Nam June Paik's early work. The fact that from the get-go, using a signal oscillator, you are in control of the entire process. You can't simply a filter or setting like you would in Final Cut Pro for example.

This kind of technology comes down to money though, and it's something I'll have to put on the monetary back-burner for the minute. The brilliant thing however is, like the musical modular synths, you can buy the pieces periodically overtime, and slowly build up your rig.

Anyway, watch the above video; the use of the old footage really does this effect justice (I reckon it to being the 'Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Effect'.