Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Prism scans experiment

A quick and simple experiment in scanning a bunch of prisms that I ordered on the cheap from China. It was just a quick test to simply see what would happen, under the guise of perception, phenomena, and light as object.

The desired effect was there, but it needs to be achieved on a grander scale for it to be pulled off successfully. What's holding this back (besides it being a test and thus it's shonky) is that it's not ambiguous enough; my attention isn't being held due to the fact that I instantly recognize everything in this video: the prisms, scanner, and it's temporal nature. Ideally, for a second test, I would like to get a whole heap more of prisms, light and film it properly, and frame it so that the image is entirely indecipherable. After a while, yes, I suspect that the viewer would piece it together and figure it out eventually, but it's that very journey that I find exciting (it's a shame as the maker though, I could never experience it myself).

It reminds me of Joshua Petherick's work shown at ACCA and Melbourne NOW